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If you need more hot water, see below!

Due to popular customer demand, we are now publishing our water heater installation prices on the internet. This price includes the water heater, installation, removal, and 2 brand new flex connectors (which for some reasons other shops are charging for). Take another $100 off with the coupon and save even more (not good with other offers)! Note: The cost of water heaters has increased significantly. The increase is reflected in the updated prices below:

2015 Prices:

40 Gallon Standard Gas Bradford White $1290
(40 Gallon above only $1190 w/ coupon)
50 Gallon Standard Gas Bradford White $1390

(50 Gallon above only $1290 w/ coupon)

We install professional quality water heaters--not the brands that you can find in a box store. Professional quality water heaters have a much higher recovery rate, which means that you have more hot water in a shorter amount of time. Upgrade to a 50 gallon model and receive even more value for your money. All offers are for a standard gas water heater only.

Need more hot water?

Can't fill your oval tub? Too many people taking showers at the same time? Run all of your appliances at the same time?

Option A. If you have enough space in your mechanical room, then add an additional 40 or 50 gallon tank hot water heater. You will have double the water -- for a small investment. The cost of adding an additional water heater usually comprises of the cost of the water heater plus a reasonable additional charge to connect the 2 water heaters.

Option B. Don't have room for another water heater? Replace the water heater that you have with a larger one! Most houses have a 40 gallon water heater installed. A 50 gallon water heater will add 20% more water for barely more energy cost. Plus, a newer, professional quality 50 gallon water heater will provide 88 gallons of water in the first hour. Some people also go for a 75 gallon water heater. 75 gallon water heaters provide significantly more water (more than 120 gallons of hot water in the first hour), but for about double the cost of a traditional 40 or 50 gallon. (Water heater companies don't sell as many 75 gallon water heaters, so because of the volume the cost is significantly higher.)

Option C. If you want unlimited hot water, install a tankless hot water heater. This option costs roughly 3x more than a traditional tank water heater, but delivers unlimited hot water for a smaller energy cost. This is great if you want to fill a very large tub or if you want to take an eternal shower. It also works well if you have a lot of people showering in different showers at the same time of day. The only down side to a tankless is that you will not get the volume of water that a tank water heater provides.

If you decided to go tankless, we are a certified Rinnai installer.

Call us at 303-346-8426 or email us at southsideplumbing@me.com and we can recommend the best water heater for your situation today!

We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

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