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pressure reducing valves

Yes! We do quote prices over the phone at 303-346-8426 and email at southsideplumbing@me.com. Take another $10 off with the coupon and save even more!

A non-functioning pressure reducing valve can make your water pressure either too high or too low. Is your water pressure too high? High pressure can cause water hammer (knocking in the pipes) or can cause your washing machine hose to burst. Is your water pressure low? You can wash dishes and clothes much faster if your water is adjusted.

In Highlands Ranch we have replaced several inoperable pressure reducing valves. We have seen pressure as high as 120 psi. The code recommends 60 psi.

Call us at 303-346-8426 or email us at southsideplumbing@me.com and we can replace your pressure reducing valve today!

We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind.

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